I love speed running this game but the options of co-op are slim. And my friends and I only want to run the game as a team. If we could add a co-op aspect to boss rush, that would be great.

Rules like, all players must be present for the boss fight, could be a good addition.

Just floating the idea out there

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Ng+ all boss rush. How many difficulties is up to its popularity...

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I have an idea, the idea is as follows: Run and complete all games of the sequel Diablo, starting from Diablo 1 then Diablo 2 and finally Diablo 3, you can only pause the timer to change the game, each game keeps the same rules of start and end of run to be fair.

Run Name: Nostalgic Sequel Run


I'd love a set dungeon category


A long time ago, I took up the challenge of beating each set dungeon as fast as possible. I enjoyed it and I think it is one of the more "obvious" things to speedrun in Diablo 3 due to the in-game timer but I think making it a speedrun category would be difficult for two reasons:

1. There are 28 set dungeons - potentially 35 if the new sets get a set dungeon as well. That's 28 builds you need to store in your stash if you want to run all dungeons. I have no idea how I would even store builds for just one class at the moment.
2. Just competing to get the lowest time would not make sense for the Natalya set dungeon (demon hunter). The best time you can achieve is 90 seconds.


If adding all of them separately would be too many categories, you could have one for each class maybe? I just think a category that revolves around set dungeons in some way would be cool, in what way its implemented isn't the most important thing imo


Yeah I'll second the storage space issues.

I stockpiled all the sets before the patch with set dungeons dropped so I could do them quickly after they went live. I've kept all the sets in my HC stash. I mostly play SC now, thankfully, because my HC non-season stash is a total mess. Trying to keep every set for every class plus supporting items, you run into stash space limits pretty quick.


In reply to Vexusr's suggestion of running all set dungeons for a class:

I've tried this now and I think this could actually work. It wasn't as bad as I feared regarding storing the gear as all my items could fit in my character's inventory. The run for anyone interested: