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how about the new ENHANCED version that was just released with the NESTOPIA emulator? is it okay to run that version? It seems to run fine as far as frame rate goes. I just like how much cleaner and how it looks graphic wise.


Since a lot of the big rom repositories have been hit by Nintendo's C&D, these roms have been difficult for me to find. I have found a couple of sites that offer Castlevania (U) (PRG 1) [T-Port]. This appears to be the same, but it's in Spanish (I think?). Would this be a valid rom to run on?


Is there any major difference between the PAL A and the American game? For example, if I play the PAL A release on an American console would there be any difference between that and using the US release?


I just disabled the lockout on an American console. The reason it runs slower on PAL consoles is because of the system outputting 50hz, usually the ROM in the cartridge remained unchanged, which is why it runs slower. Some games tried to fix this, like Super Mario Bros, which actually runs faster, and Mario 3, which had the audio corrected. Castlevania seems to have been left unchanged, but I don't know if any revisions were made to it before being released in PAL A countries that I haven't noticed, or which version was released here.


I am pretty sure that it is the exact same game as I ran the PAL version for quite a while before I got my NTSC NES.
But I don't have any scientific proof or anything, just my feeling for playing this game quite a lot ;-)
Still probably the best if you get a NTSC card.


Ah, so bummed out to read this, as the FC rerelease is the only version I own and just got done recording a run of it. Really wish it could at least be a separate category but I understand if the differences are too insignificant to justify that.


To add on to that, I currently don't own a PC, so, no, emulator isn't available to ¤all¤. You missed the tone of my post completely if you read any sort of entitlement, I merely said that it was a bummer, not "grrrr accept my mediocre run or else grrrr"