BizHawk v2.3

Actively developed, all around great emulator. Use this if you can. (external link)

By adelikat

CV1 Save States (Everdrive)

I decided to make a repository of potential save states for the Everdrive at three different levels of play. Beginner (just learning the game, going for a deathless run), Intermediate (the Sub 12 goal that everyone likes to go for in this game initially), and Advanced (going towards the top of the leaderboard). Note that this only works for Everdrive, please do not download this if you use Power Pak. Update: Deleted the unnecessary save state in Stage 1 and made sure to remove the PRG1 rom out of the folders. (direct download)

By freeland1787

Nestopia UE v1.49

Actively developed and pretty much the go to emulator if you have trouble with BizHawk. (external link)

By Martin Freij, R. Belmont, R. Danbrook

PuNES v0.102

Actively developed. Comparable in accuracy to BizHawk and Nestopia UE. (external link)

By FHorse


Cave Skip Frame Save States

(direct download)

By CLChambers00