New Category Proposal: Any% (No Scroll Glitch)
7 months ago
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Hello Everyone,

CV 1 has seen a lot of growth in the past few years. We've seen tremendous landmark optimizations, a fiercely unique evolution of strats and a notable increase in our player base. As I write this, we're not too far away from seeing our 400th runner just in the Any% category alone, not to mention the addition of the Koops and Whipless challenges and the Damageless variants.

With growth, obviously comes change and the need to re-evaluate where we are and where we're going. The introduction of the Scroll Glitch in RTA runs has been a tremendous catalyst, invoking a lot of change very quickly. Initially, the mods did not see reason to restrict the use of Scroll Glitch in any category. With it being so new, we wanted to see how it would grow to be utilized and how it would shape the development of the runs. After two years, and after reviewing discussion and opinions both within and without the Castlevania community, we discussed again and found we were in agreement. Similar to how the SMB community has boards for No WW and Megaman has categories for zipless, we desired a leaderboard that kept the classic essence of Castlevania speedrunning intact, while also not restricting the growth and development of the Scroll Glitch. We now have a proposal that we wish to present to the community: a new category.

Any% (No Scroll Glitch)

  • The current take on the ruleset is as such: "Beat the game as fast as possible. Scroll Glitches are not allowed (though unsuccessful attempts at Scroll Glitches or Scroll Glitches that don't provide an advantage will not disqualify the run)"
  • We will add a clause to the rules to indicate that we will review the rules of the board if, in the future, more major glitches that save large amounts of time are found
  • Once the category is created, we don't currently have plans to copy qualified runs from the Any% board to this new leaderboard, but encourage runners who would like to see their qualified run moved or copied, to go to their run on SRC, click the 3 vertical dots under the VOD, click Edit Run and change the category to "Any% (No Scroll Glitch)". Or you may submit the same run on this new board and have it on both, if you so choose.
  • Also, please allow time for approval as this might create a large influx of runs to approve/review

We have no other changes to the leaderboard we'd like to propose at this time

We would like to get feedback from you as we want to make sure to grow the community and keep the community involved in the decision making process. Any civil indications of support or objection are welcomed. Feel free to post here in this forum, or join our ongoing discussion in discord ->

Thank you all for being involved with this community!

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New Category: Any% (No Scroll Glitch)

What the title says.

Scroll glitches are generally banned, but unsuccessful attempts at Scroll Glitches, or Scroll Glitches that don't provide any advantage are given a pass. This is intended to allow runners attempting an Any% run but who miss the Scroll Glitches they were attempting to still su

7 months ago
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