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I have been working on this a lot and I was told there is an input lag using an emulator which throws off the timing for this glitch. Can someone confirm and/or give me advise on this? I am using the approved ROM on the BizHawk emu.


There will always be input delay on emulator. There are other factors as well. Monitor used, controller used, etc. There are some ways to help curb it, though I'm not positive of those ways. And besides, nothing beats playing it on console.

Ultimately the bat crit is frame perfect, so it's not going to be as easy as just sitting on the stairs and whipping.

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Was trying that kill on Nestopia with monitor/keyboard and that was hard. Even with savestate practice it felt pretty random, like happenning time to time. Actually input lag is not that critical for most NES games, you can get used to it.

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Yeah you adapt to it after awhile.

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Its frame perfect so you will have to adjust to the lag too.

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I'm playing on the NES Classic which uses HDMI so there is some input lag. I felt it more playing Contra on this hardware and on a Famicom but yes, the visual cues are different if there's input lag. What worked for me for the bat crit was looking off-screen and catching the bat's movement with my peripheral vision and whipping then 🙂 It might sound stupid but it worked. I've been struggling with this lately in my whip only runs but I'm not practicing that part that much.

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Komrade, you mentioned playing it on console would be best on the input lag. Does that include playing it with the Everdrive cartridge or is that basically the same as an emulator?


Everdrive basically acts like the real cartridge. So it's not like an emulator.

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As much as everyone here said: Bat crit is a Frame perfect trick, witch means you need to do the trick in the right frame that the bat hits you inside 60 frames in one second... Emulator will always have some kind of delay but this doesn't mean you can't execute well the trick since your emulator always run at same frames per seconds(In Bizhawk supose to be 60fps). Unique thing that could bother you to do the crit is if you learn the trick on Real Hardware and try to execute this on emulator after mastery because of the timming to whip.

I play in Bizhawk and isn't about input lag, its about ur timming to press B dude. Try to find ur setup for that, a good visual cue for that i mean. GL with that.

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