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Hello! I'm finally starting to take this game more seriously, but haven't been able to get a good savestate for the Dracula fight on my Powerpak. Well, maybe I have, but I'm not positive if I'm goofing the fight up due to my timing being off or due to the savestate being weird 🙂 Could anyone share a verified working Drac fight savestate with me to practice the quick kill with? The more savestates of different levels and whatnot the better since I'm going to be changing from PRG0 to PRG1 too and might have to remake mine, but the Drac fight is the one I really need. Hopefully I'll be able to get competent in time for the tournament on Saturday 🙂

Thank you very much!


Apparently you have to walk up to his room frame-perfect without pausing so that you get consistent patterns for the Drac fight. I wanted to get a savestate just before the fight to avoid wasting the time walking up the stairs repeatedly, but all the ones I've made I've gotten weird patterns out of so I was asking for a verified good state to see if it was me making wrong inputs or a bad savestate giving me issues. To savestate with the Powerpak, usually you have to press start (same button as pause, which can make a "bad" savestate?), and I wasn't sure if that was interfering with my savestates or not. Anyways, angrylanks sent over his savestate so I'm going to practice with that and figure out what I was doing wrong 🙂

Here is the video explaining the fight and talking about the need to have a "good" savestate for practice: