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I had to research for Jnes and V1.0.2 is for mobile version only and not for window.
I may be wrong or maybe not giving me enough info about that version.


I'd recommend adding Mesen to the emulator allowed list. It's by far the best NES emulator I've ever used. The lag is very minimal and is almost as good as real hardware. It also doesnt have any fancy features, like TASing or whatnot. I used Nestopia for over 10 years and when I was recommended to try Bizhawk and Mesen this year, they blew me away with how much more accurate they are. Bizhawk is now my #2 choice, but it also has advanced TASing and editing features. Mesen is easily my #1 as the lag is only a few milliseconds. I'd highly recommend anyone using an emulator to give it a try.

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If for whatever reason you can't use Mesen and need to rely on Bizhawk, there is a setting under Config > Profiles --> Set it to "Tool-Assisted Speedruns". It just changes some settings around to optimize the emulator for more accuracy while playing. This uses more computing power but gives a better, smoother gameplay with less lag. If that doesn't work, play with the profiles and find what works for you.

Bizhawk with that profile selected is almost as lag-free as Mesen. I can notice just a split second more of a delay. Like, if Mesen is 0.04 lag, Bizhawk might be 0.08 lag time.


This hasn't been updated in 2 years.. Mesen still is the best overall usable core available to people who use retroarch and just Mesen by itself with the least amount of controller lag. There is still lag though so it feels the same as the original systems.

I am also not seeing any discussion with MiSTer FGPAs or otherwise. Are they allowed or should I take my inquiry elsewhere?


It'd be cool if someone could hit us back about the mesen idea.


I've used BizHawk extensively and it uses the correct frame rate. unlike FCEU. NEStopia is solid too.

I've accepted some Mesen runs on this board, but none of them were "competitive". I'm not opposed to adding Mesen to the list of EMU in the rules if everything checks out, I just haven't gotten a chance to explore it.

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I did some Mesen frame counts vs the NES and it seems fine as far as I can tell. Will add it.

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