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I am curious about the precise starting and ending frame for timing a performance.

At the beginning there is a frame where you first appear up in the air and then the next frame you are on the ground. I have always set this frame, the frame you first appear on the ground, as the first frame as visible proof of control. At least this is the frame I used to start my frame counts.

At the end the orb phases in and out, and I have always set the end frame on the first visible frame when the orb does not reappear.


I did an experiment. I held left at the start of the game and I see the following:

There is the first frame of visible belmont in the air, then one frame of on the ground facing right, and then it is only this next frame where he turns around to the left. This means that moment of control does not occur until two frames after the first visible frame of when we see Belmont.


So technically the first frame when Belmont reaches the ground would be the start frame so that the following frame is frame 1 in our count.


When I used this timing with both of our VODs I had a 11:35.316 and his was a 11:35.444. I resubmitted mine and included the following notes in my submission:

Start frame is the first visible frame when Belmont touches the ground so that the next frame, which is the actual first frame of control is the very first frame in our count.

Last frame is the first visible frame when the orb does not reappear when it usually would. This is the only visual evidence of an "orb grab". The orb is there one frame and then isn't the next, and if it does not reappear the following frame, which it usually would if it had not been grabbed, then this is the end frame included in the frame count.

This count was done using Yua with the downloaded Twitch VOD.

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Now of course this assumes no frame loss in the VOD itself. For example, using the same frames for start and ending on my VOD, my start frame was at .12 instead of .00, and my last frame was .44 but I split a frame early. So that would be about .32 plus one frame worth, about .016, so it would be more than 11:35.316, it would be 11:35.336.


Likewise, with his run, using this same timing by viewing the timer on each of these frames, his first frame starts at 0.0 as it should, and his final split was 4 frames prior to the last frame. So 11:35.37 plus for frames (4x.016) = .064, is a time of 11:35.434.


Therefore I see the following and you can confirm this information and decide what you would like to do.

Frame count of the VOD:
Mine: 11:35.316
His: 11:35.444

Timer Based on Frames in VOD:
Mine: 11:35.336
His: 11:35.434


Not related to the timing of the mentioned videos, but I am curious exactly how much time from when you push start till the timing begins.

I saw on Janthe's WR he uses -9.53. I just wanted to check, as I am just starting to run/grind this game, I would like to get it right early on. For some reason, I was using -8.60.


Thanks a lot man. I knew it seemed off when I was restarting (constantly cause I'm new at running cv1).

Excellent info to have. I have adjusted my timer offset. Thanks for both the reply and for adjusting my time!