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I plan to run this in 2018 (as a promise to Cantaloupeme) so I would definitely appreciate a sub-12:30 guide for beginners. Thanks Komrade.

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I think a guide like that would be awesome. I have been leisurely running CV1 for a few weeks and would love some updated guides. Especially ones geared toward beginners.

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You are awesome man, look forward to seeing it!


One thing I will admit, I did have a hard time figuring out what ROM was the PRG-1 version when I first starting running this. Many are mislabeled, or just bad rips. So I downloaded lots of different versions of the ROM, many with junk in the header, but otherwise clean and found the hash. This is an easy ROM to check though because CV1 is PRG only (no CHR).

This was the checksums for the (what I have known) correct PRG-1 versions.

PRG-1 Eng SHA-1, 3dcb69a8c861c041aeb56c04e39adf6d332eda3a
PRG-1 Portuguese SHA-1, 62dd3117790c1ee25eb4d5d035f98914161d02f5

Something like that might be good to include as a resource since we really can't (or at least shouldn't) share ROMs. I do own the game now, but when I first was playing it, was uncertain what version I had. This will be helpful for anyone using an emulator, and of course, people using a powerpak/everdrive.

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This is a good point.. I've been struggling myself to find this rom for my future runs, I'd say it would just be easier to provide it on resources.

Quite frankly, im still uncertain if I have the right one atm..

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HA! Excellent.
Also, I love how it says, Last Updated 30 years ago =P

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Always take care of the "Real Life" first! I think with all the resources you already added, this is one of the better-documented games, and definitely is very friendly to new runners as is.

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