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Hi guys i'm totally a newbie to run but i love Castlevania and want to try it. I'm watching a couple of videos and i noticed that before jump bat trick in the first level, even with clock the bat it's just in the room and i have to wait to next one to come. It's a trick or i have to use another rom? I'm on original hardware and tried either usa and pal


You should use USA PRG1 rom of the game. I'm not sure what strat you are using, I was standing at exact pixel to get the clock from the bat, then holding right, jump once and setup this bat jump.

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I saw that if starts room with clock then you can arrive at the platform before even one bat arrive and jump directly on it (if you just have the clock, of course), with version i’m using the bat is still in the room before you can obtain control and make this impossibile. I saw some videos from world record And they do like this


For that trick you have to activate the stopwatch on the first frame after you enter the room.
So you should ignore it for now ;-)

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Thanks, good to know, i'm glad, at least, to understand the method 🙂


i did it, great! By the way, sometimes the bat continues his fly in the position where it should be at room start, appearing from nothing, and sometimes a new one comes out. This could be controlled or is it randomized? Same with time with critical on boss, i learned it and i success 80% of time but, sometimes, with same timing he takes more time to attack Simon. Sorry for all this questions but i'm really curious, and i can't find detailed informations, and, i'm having a lot of fun.


Legit, the best person to go to for help with the run would be either 2snek or SBDWolf, those two are not only beasts at the game, but they are extremely knowledgeable about how to execute the strats (and backups). Hoping you enjoy running the game!

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For the bat trick in stage 2 - the bat doesn't render until the 3rd frame, but actually loads on the 2nd frame. So if you activate the stopwatch on the 2nd frame, you don't see him until the stopwatch finishes, but he's still there.

For the bat boss swoop pattern - this is driven by how many frames you lose on the way to the boss from the door at the start of stage 3. A good method to get you started is to jump over the zombie on the 2nd platform and grab the potion (without stopping), then fall off the platform with the stairs, not jump off. Once you get to the boss, walk up to the third stair, and when he descends, go up to the 4th and wait for his swoop. If you've done it correctly, he'll give you a fast pattern.

p.s. we talk a lot about strats and whatnot in the discord. You'll certainly get more eyes and help over there.



Thanks a lot, i’ll reach you on discord for sure 😄