Castlevania (NES) Forum  /  is KOOPS the same as glitchless?

i wanna run the game without glitches, is that the right place


Depends on if you count damage boosts like the bat boost in level 1 as glitches(the only dboost not allowed in koops% is the cave skip where you boost into the ceiling in level 4). If those are no glitches for you, then yes, it is pretty glitchless.


Koops % doesn't have lots of tricks that usually we have in a Run(Such Cave Skip, Critical Glitches, scroll glitches), but it have Mummy quick Kill. Frank and medusa stunlock etc.
Its kinda rough get a sub 12 without all the tricks but its doable if you try hard enough


well, the stunlock is hardly a glitch, that's just how holy water works.
Mummy quick kill though is a glitch for sure, forgot about that one.