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Hey, I have a question about doing a CV1 damageless run. I hadn't seen the category, so I started to route one out, but someone told me there is a ROM hack that is one hit knock out that essentially is damageless. I still want to do a damageless run, but dont want to do it on a rom hack, just on the vanilla game. So my question is if I want to do damageless can this only be done on the rom hack, or would it be possible to make it its own category under the main game and not using the rom hack?


holy toledo, i guess the question was answered since i see a damageless category added. thanks to whoever did that!


I forgot to reply here, but I added a few categories under "Misc." too.

Damageless Whip Only
Damageless Low%
Koops rules -- (no boosts and no crits).

Welcome aboard!

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Thank you so much dude! I've never beat the game Any% so I'm learning it damageless, any strats or tips would be very welcome 🙂


It's been a minute since i played OHKO, but I think the real record is no longer on the board.

We were talking about bringing over the no damage no death OHKO runs but I don't think anyone's in a rush. Im pretty sure truefalse's run and my run didn't have any deaths or damage.

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You might want to clarify the Koops Rules to avoid any potential confusion in the future. It just means no crits and no cave skip. Other damage boosts from the run are allowed AFAIK.


that sounds like a very arbitrary ruleset ;-)

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yeah, it's just for funzies. i'll double check /w koopa about the rules


I think Retrogaming2084 already updated the rules but any confusion was from me - I couldn't remember the exact rules when I brought it up. Damage boosts are allowed but no crits and no cave skip like freeland said. Sort of in between the super old rules (the ones that would disallow any boosting) and before all the new tech was found. Koops submitted a run already!