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Recently I've discovered that using Vsync ON and refresh rates above 60hz makes the autoscroll section on Rugged Ridge run much faster than intended.

To showcase this, here's a run by Nuby:

And here's my run:

You can see that his section takes about 15 seconds from start to finish and mine takes about 24, if you count from the time the platform start moving to when you can progress the level after it has ended.

After some investigation, I managed to replicate the "fast autoscroll" with 120hz and Vsync ON.

Some discussion already took place on Discord and DevilSquirrel pointed out that Vsync runs with refresh > 60hz are banned in the Ori leaderboards because it also affects the game.

I believe there's a decision to be made to what should be done about this. In my opinion, runs that exploit this behavior should not be allowed.


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I was talking about it another day on discord, so:

If you have a monitor with more than 60Hz of refresh rate.

- V-sync ON (in-game): FPS locked to your refresh rate (120, 144, etc..).
- V-sync OFF (in-game): 60FPS.

- V-sync ON (map): FPS locked to your refresh rate (120, 144, etc..).
- V-sync OFF (map): unlimited (better hardware, more FPS).

- V-sync ON (main menu): FPS locked to your refresh rate (120, 144, etc..).
- V-sync OFF (main menu): unlimited (better hardware, more FPS).

So, I think everyone MUST play with V-sync OFF, so everyone will get 60FPS lock in-game. (maybe the mods can make this as a rule).

NOTE: Everytime you start the game, your V-sync settings change to ON, so you need to change it everytime you restart the game.

I realized that because there is some tricks (wall clip) that doesn't work with 120FPS, so I always need to change V-sync to OFF.

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Btw, it also messes with the autoscroller on Perilous Piers.


That's insane. Definitely V-Sync ON shouldn't be allowed.

Now I'm afraid that other parts of the game (such as animations or transitions) can be faster or slower..


it doesnt affect boss fights
from what i see

i dont think v sync matters


It may affect the game in more subtle ways. I suspect there's something that affect invincibility duration / frames, don't know if it's related to Vsync.

It may also affect rate of fire, WSG timing and boss cycles. More in-depth testing and analysis is required to figure those things out.


you guys should say something like "vsync must be off unless you have 60hz" its not immediately obvious that the reason is because of people that have high hz