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Hi everyone, I imagine that there is a lot of topic of this kind, and I do not want to be painful with you.
But I'm not very good with English in my research.
If possible can someone point me to a livesplit tutorial or lend me his configuration or explain to me how to automate the software with the loadless / real time.
In the weekend I will buy crash on pc just for the speedrun to train on 100% and 105%.
I would like to be able to do it in good conditions. Thanks to all.

Special thanks for tocaloni, I just saw that you downloaded my runs.

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Just a few clarifications i followed the riko's tutorial for NST load removal.
I need just basic explains to understand Livesplit ,edit layout? create my splits? Just basic thanks everyone


Hey! To get the quickest possible help, it's probably best if you join the Crash Bandicoot Speedrun Discord (see "Discord" in the menu on the left) and post your exact questions in the #nst channel.