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I started playing the PC version of Crashnst on its release and very quickly I unlocked the FPS to get higher than 60. I've noticed it causes a few things to go wrong, such as the global timers being ever so slightly out of whack. It also makes input from the keyboard and mouse way more responsive too. The only other weird thing I've seen is in this clip at the 1 minute mark, if you slow it down to 0.25% speed to can see that Crash is able to touch the nitro crate and jump off without it exploding (I then spin to explode them as I have an Aku Aku mask and I'm enraged. I thought this might be useful for the future of speedrunning this game. Here is a link to the clip. Ignore me failing at the game, which also show the timers being slightly out of whack at a higher frame rate and making it more challenging, but hey, the context is there lol


Yes, we are aware of this. As stated in the rules of literally any category, FPS have to be capped at 60 to ensure fair competition.

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My thought process behind it is that the elements in the game are programmed to run at 60 fps or whatever you have it restricted to in your graphics settings. Whenever you have higher frames than intended, the games hazards and timers dont work correctly for the extra frames you are receiving? Just my thoughts. It may be useful for somebody to replicate and maybe even take further!


Just seen your reply tocaloni1, that makes sense. I was wondering if there ever was a future for uncapped FPS runs? My comparative would be to Doom any% runs where 200fps is necessary to perform certain skips.


Hello, I happened to want to look at this leaderboard due to a run I saw on the home page. The first thing that caught my attention was that the run had a fps counter and I quickly assumed that this game was very broken when it runs over 60fps.

After coming to this thread and seeing that the only reason it's not used is "to ensure fair competition", it seemed quite silly to me because you're not only making the PC version being limited by PS4 version but also you're limiting the potential benefits in terms of strats this game may have with an unlocked FPS. This argument also doesn't stand when we keep going with it, as in: "I don't have a PS4, so to ensure fair competition, no one should run on PS4".

I run/used to run a few games in which high fps is beneficial to some strats and sometimes it makes a difference between being able to speedrun or not. So, my suggestion as an outsider would be a separation from PS4 and PC runs in different categories because the PC version with a capped fps is not really "Any%".

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It's really about interest. Many games that have uncapped vs capped fps runs are runs where uncapped fps completely breaks the game (usually physics based boosts and stuff like that). For Crash, the difference would be really subtle (at least at the moment), so there's nothing too special about an uncapped fps speedrun. Maybe if something major is found then we could discuss this again.

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You can only find new glitches using a certain condition if this said condition is not prohibited in speedrunning. Most people are more concerned in getting better times than hunting glitches so the probability is that it will take some time until someone decides to go against the rules and start finding things.

When I see the an answer like "nah", I already know the community is ran by people who think they're better than everyone else. Hopefully someone will break this game and show how stupid this current restriction is.

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If I'm not mistaken, the main reason for the restriction is not to compare to PS4, but because in order to unlock the fps for this game it actually requires a monitor with a refresh rate higher than 60Hz. Requiring people to buy 144Hz monitors to compete would be a pretty silly thing to do. In addition, to use your example of how other games handle this, plenty of other games with the same monitor restriction also require the fps to remain at 60. Ori and the Blind Forest is one such community. Hope that can shine a little more light on the reasoning. I too was disappointed with the condescending reply of "nah."


Oh, it makes much more sense now. Yeah, requiring a high refresh rate monitor would be too much to ask for. I agree with the restriction in this case. Thanks for clearing that up @JHobz.

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A Hat in Time also restricts to 60 FPS as well, if I’m not mistaken.

Along with the monitor thing, the game does not natively support an FPS higher than 60. Uncapping the FPS requires messing with settings that are not within the game itself, which was another reason for the 60 FPS cap.


Apparently all you need is to force Vsync off on NVIDIA's Control Panel

I don't have the game to test but according to this guide you don't need a high refresh rate monitor.

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^ Yeah, this method actually works.

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Is that NVIDIA only or is there a way for AMD as well? I also would like to see PC runs at uncapped fps unless there's hardware limitations.