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Right now I'm considering running crash one and I have a question about the boxes falling at the end of each level. I know there is a way to speed that up with a controller but I am playing on a mouse and keyboard (noob move?). Does anyone know how to get this animation with the keyboard?


Well on controller you do it by keeping X pressed which is the jump button (or the confirm button for menus). So try keeping whatever key is bound to jump/confirm pressed to get the same effect.
I myself haven't played on PC yet (let along on keyboard) so I can't say if that'll work though. Just my best guess.


I swear I've tried every key actually used while playing the game so I fear I might just have to learn the game on controller


This came up a while ago when Trob ran on keyboard and mouse. As far as we know, there isn't a way to speed up the animation without a controller, so unfortunately playing on K&M will put you at a disadvantage.


You think I could play on K&M and then just use a controller when the boxes fall?


U can download a DS4 for emulate a one button to skip a boxes animation or full emulate your mouse and keyboard to controller.


One final question, I have my FPS counter on my game but it doesn't show up in my window for the game in OBS, do you think I should just switch the capture method I use, or is there something else I could do?


You might have to enable the third-party overlays setting in the game capture source in OBS.