Rilla is faster than every character in the game.
7 years ago

I did a comparison between Crash and Rilla in the pogo levels, by using two controllers and racing them together. It turns out that Rilla saves 1 frame per tile he steps, the proof is here:

Also, now that we know Rilla saves 1 frame per tile he steps, we can safely assume that Dingo behaves the same way? WRONG! In fact, Dingo is actually as fast as Crash, but SLOWER than Rilla! It has now been confirmed Rilla > Dingo by fact! The proof is here:

Thought I would let everyone know of this discovery, since this has been found there is literally no reason for anyone to pick Dingo anymore. For those who are wondering I did test every other character in the game, and every character except Rilla has the exact same speed.

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Schleswig-Holstein, Germany

good job, good to know! maybe that's the reason why rilla is the only problem in pogo plats

Colorado, USA

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Uusimaa, Finland

Doesn't save time by any means and makes rest of the game harder

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Bristol, England

As ben said, it's very situational and makes the rest of the game harder.

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An extra reason to hate Rilla.

Hampshire, England

now my fav char is useless, fuck this game lol

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a new reason to hate him :)

Massachusetts, USA
She/Her, They/Them
7 years ago

no wonder rilla is so OP

New Zealand

For records sakes, after doing TAS work on the game, at 30FPS: Character Hop takes 18 frames, Character Hop with boots takes 10 frames. Rilla Hop takes 17 frames, Rilla Hop with boots takes 9 frames.

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