Different loading times between ePSXe and Beetle PSX (RetroArch)
2 years ago

Hello to all, there's an huge difference between loading times of ePSXe and RetroArch: on RetroArch loading times are slower than ePSXe (from 1 to 2 seconds per load). So is it possible to split old runs from the new ones made on RetroArch? maybe you can create an "obsolete" category where you can put all old runs made on ePSXe.

Another thing, is it possible to put runs made on PS2 (fast load feature) in a different category, or at least to separate emu runs from real console runs.

Thank you!

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Separate Emu categories is a good idea. ePSXe runs could just stay in the console list like on the CTR boards.


I would seperate all crash games on console and emu category. Its completely differently running crash on console and pc.

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Wait you're saying that a more accurate core/emulator has more accurate loading times? I'm completely shocked. /sarcasm

You know this is the exact same case when runners were using psxfin as their main emulator of choice? And look at where that sits now these days in terms of comparison. It's the same "logic" on a different emulator, improve running the game yourself instead of complaining about emulation differences.

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@Spikestuff Wait you're a speedrunner and you don't know that loading times are fundamental? I'm completely shocked /sarcasm

talking to others, then you like the idea of โ€‹โ€‹separating runs made on ePSXe from RetroArch?

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Don't worry spikestuff is a douchebag and he thinks he is funny

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You come here 6 months later with a shitty ass bump stating that I am apparently a "douchebag" and saying that "I think I believe I'm funny for it"? What kind of bullshit fantasy ass world do you live in where you think it's right to create the fake narratives in your head and slander people over for it?

Seriously. All I was doing was referring to the last time an emulator became defunct and new (slower load) shit took its place, but people overcame that difference.

Since it was such a bloody old reference two of you unfortunately don't understand what I was referring to, this is why AQLGamers decided to do a mocked response with the lack of knowledge.

If you're here to be actual dicks about it, get lost. Cause these comments show that you have the lack of knowledge and understanding.

Also for your information, I try to be as proper, blunt and forward as possible without considering to take the time to be funny DarkLizzard. Down to the point where people believe that I'm having a laugh when I'm not, that on the observers who make incorrect judgements on situations, such as yourself.

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just by chance NOBODY improved using the emulator (after rules changes) and EVERYONE improved using the PS2 (which has less loading times) ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚ But here we are all idiots except one person, who knows everything ๐Ÿ˜‰

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Idk Spike, you are getting delusional when everyone's dickriding you. You lack knowledge of emulators and you lack manners

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Is there any point in continuously resuming this thread? Just swallow your pride and stfu

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