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General Tips:
1. sliding is faster than walking

2. hold B button to scroll text rather than mashing B button

3. moving to the cut scene starting position before it starts is faster than letting the game move for you ( https:/​/​clips.​twitch.​tv/​TameObliqueJuiceVoteNay - notice that ~1 second is lost due to the game moving Sheena to the left side of the screen before the bike takes off)

4. for Sheena's laser: the shorter the laser has to travel before going offscreen, the better, as this allows you to fire more rapidly

5. for Ray's spread: similar to Sheena's laser for rapid firing, but should be balanced with having as many bullets as possible hit the target for maximum damage

6. for Fang's charged shot: the closer you are to the enemy, the more damage it does

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One-cycle chase boss as Ray.
Simple enough.

It is actually possible to one-cycle him without using the bomb but its not easy at all

I used JP, but you dont actually need to take a hit, its just make the quick kill a little easier.
I got it 3 times in an hour long session of doing it, so i dont think its worth going for yet(unless you really need that extra bomb)

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Optimal (?) Big Magnum fight as Sheena on JP:

I missed a shot on phase 2, but the first phase here is done before he went shooting from the ceiling for the second time.
An ok fight would look something like this:

Missing one cycle in the first phase loses probably 2 to 3 seconds.
Dodging that projectile in phase 2 is simple enough with a bit of practice
For the third phase you need to shoot him with C about 10 times and use the bomb while those beams fully form and start moving, the game gets laggy and this will give you enough damage to quick kill him.