New Co-op Mod

Hello everyone!

I am the new mod for the co-op board and wanted to say hi and ask a few questions!

  1. on the co-op board, the rules have a link for emulator rules that is dead, and there are no clear rules here for the emulators that are allowed. F.e. most of us play over Fightcade2.

Do you guys want to specify emulation rules or shall i just add a forum post over at the co-op board telling people that Fightcade2 is fine and be done with it?

  1. there are quite a few runs that have no videos anymore, and the people who made the runs deleted their video hosting profiles and/or do not have a speedrun profile. i am trying to contact everyone, but what is the general oppinion on that topic in here? do the runs stay on? do we remove the ones without video? i would be happy about some input on that!

Thank you & happy to be here!

North Korea

Good day Sir!

  1. About emulators: In individual runs have no information since i became moderator, as i mention, everybody playing on emulators that they comfy, maybe in future i will make a tests and say what emulator is acceptable and which not

For co-op i know only 2 Emulators its what you mention FightCade 2 and Mednafen

  1. I think we shouldnt remove the runs that has no videos anymore, because, in every game has this, that videos is not allowed or deleted but still players have their place on leaderboard, and some of them have a info from which we didnt remove too,they were verifyed before and there is no clue to remove them even if video was gone

P.S. Im sorry to respond for so long,didnt mention notifications

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Alright then, i will not remove/change anything, just wanted some confirmation :) thank you!

It's fine, dont't worry, i didn't expect an answer right away! And GG on all the good runs you are doing lately!

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