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4 years ago

One-cycle chase boss as Ray. Simple enough. It is actually possible to one-cycle him without using the bomb but its not easy at all I used JP, but you dont actually need to take a hit, it just makes the quick kill a little easier. I got it 3 times in an hour long session of doing it, so i dont think its worth going for yet(unless you really need that extra bomb)

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Optimal (?) Big Magnum fight as Sheena on JP: I missed a shot on phase 2, but the first phase here is done before he went shooting from the ceiling for the second time. An ok fight would look something like this: Missing one cycle in the first phase loses probably 2 to 3 seconds. Dodging that projectile in phase 2 is simple enough with a bit of practice For the third phase you need to shoot him with C about 10 times and use the bomb while those beams fully form and start moving, the game gets laggy and this will give you enough damage to quick kill him.

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Elevator boss as Sheena: With the first phase of the elevator boss, he can either stick to the top, right or left.

It is always preferable for him to go to the top, because you can easily deal enough damage with just C to him to start the second phase, where you use one of two bombs you have at that point.

But in a PB attempt or a marathon run, if he goes to the left (the worst scenario) or to the right (acceptable, since it is the fastest), it is worth to use a bomb there just to deal enough damage for him not to start the first phase again.

General tips for 2p runs:

  1. The best pair is quite obviously Fang and Browny since they have the most powerful weapon sets.

  2. Weapons have their damage about 20% reduced and damage registration happens every other frame for each of the players and it's kinda wonky (it doesn't always hit).

  3. All of the upgraded As have the same DPS, but instead of every 4 frames, Browny's A deals damage every frame, making it completely useless in two-player mode

  4. On jungle stage, the (snowman thingy??) can only take damage every 4 frames in both 1p and 2p mode, so it doesn't matter if one or two players shoot at it (making Fang's glitched charged shot the best thing to kill it)

  5. It is difficult to manipulate jungle's final boss last phase position, so if your pair has Fang, let him solo kill it with GCSs, for every other pair it's better to just use As on different sides of the screen to keep it in center (can't say anything about using Browny's C on it though)

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Doctor in Elevator for Sheena: If Doctor goes to the right, simply get closer to him and shoot to upper right corner with C. That would help to rapid shoot. It will deal enough damage to let Doctor go to second phase. So him going right would be the safest and most time saving one.


How to predict when chase boss took off after spinning in second phase. One-cycle kill chase boss without bomb, it's important point for Ray and Sheena.

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