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Is the 30 life cheat code allowed in any categories?


We have to wait for the mods to answer 'cause they're the ones in charge, but I really don't think it would be a problem if people want to make that a thing. I'm sure you won't need the code for a very long time, since strats are pretty consistent.


the code of 30 lives is just on the Japanese version


Considering that it helps to finish runs and get accustomed to the game (despite the bias since I did this on my first run), I don't see it as a problem to be quite honest.


There's no harm in using the code to learn the game, but generally codes aren't accepted in speedrunning. I'm not a moderator for this version of Contra, but I'd assume the moderators share this sentiment. So perhaps it can be updated in the rules for each category. You are definitely allowed to use the 7 lives from the options menu for runs though.


I'm pretty sure it is allowed. Most of the runs I have submitted have the 30 life code.


Interesting. We don't allow it for the first Contra, and most leaderboards frown on that sort of thing in general. Well, anyway, a mod should chime in I feel.


The 30 lives code hasn't been mentioned in the rules until now. Any run being posted from now on in non-deathwarp categories can not use the code.
The rules for each affected category have been updated to reflect this.

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