Is controller remapping (emulator) allowed during a run?
10 months ago
Missouri, USA

The title says it all, was wondering if it's allowed for Contra 3? Let's say you remap the controller button layout between each stage (side scrolling view and top down view controller changes), for example. Even if it's only switching two buttons?

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I would say no, as essentially you can't do that on a real SNES, however with emulators allowed each player can have their own layout on keyboard or other PC compatible controller, but have to stick to it for a full run. If someone have accessibility problems we can discuss an exception I think. I would ask this question in the Contra discord too to have more input on what the community thinks.

Missouri, USA

That's the thing, since players can use controllers that have extra buttons compared to a SNES controller. Which is why i figured being able to remap during a run would be fine. I see it as fair play, especially if you use a SNES controller specifically. Hmm... thinking

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He/Him, They/Them
10 months ago

Button remapping is typically not allowed in speedruns, from what I know.

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Washington, USA

I agree with Jaquio on this issue. If you remap the controller, it should be done before the run begins. People who run on original hardware cannot remap their controls unless they use an EverDrive, so changing button mapping during a run should not be allowed.

As someone who emulates myself, the original layout is very possible to run with: middle finger holds right bumper, thumb holds fire button, and pointer finger toggles weapon swap. In certain situations, you don't even need to hold right bumper, holding the fire button alone will stop you from moving.


You can use any controller you want and remap the buttons to any layout you want, as long as you keep exactly the 8 snes controller buttons, meaning, no duplicates and no change of layout during runs. If your controller have more buttons you can't add duplicated inputs to those extra buttons. Also no duplicated directional inputs (like a controller with a dpad AND joystick with both the 4 directions mapped) The only exception would be a person with a real accessibility limiting condition.

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