Pause Buffer it's allowed?
1 month ago
Alagoas, Brazil

This technique consists of constantly pausing the game, simulating slow motion, I use this on the Brain boss, as it helps to hit the sphere I want, I read the rules and didn't see anything about it, but I want to make sure if I can use it in a official run.

I'm new to the subject and I don't know English, I used the translator, if there is any error I apologize.

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He/Him, They/Them
1 month ago

You can use this strategy, yes. It is allowed. You will lose time doing so, though.

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Alagoas, Brazil

Yes, I know, but I'm not very good, I still need to train more, my PB is 17 minutes and 46 seconds, it's well above average, but for my level I think it's a good time, in the future I'll train to achieve it without this technique.

Thanks for enlightening me.

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