(direct download)

By CryZeCryZe, wooferzfg1

OBS Studio (external link)

By jp9000

Speed meter add-on

Livesplit speed meter add-on (external link)

By KloogerKlooger

Speed meter layout

Livesplit speed meter layout preset for CoD4 (external link)

By KloogerKlooger



A save file for 100% completion. (external link)

By KunoDemetriesKunoDemetries

CDS Elevator Lineup

Put this into your cod4>players>profiles>yourname>save folder. When in game either bind to a key, or simply type in "loadgame cds_elevator_lineup", simply hold sprint and forward, and you should get the elevator most of the time. (direct download)

By KloogerKlooger


Act splits

Splits for Act I, II, and III (direct download)

By UakieUakie

Call of Duty 4 Splits

The most up to date splits at the moment. (direct download)

By GTFrosty

Recruit splits with current wr and il wrs comparison

Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare Recruit splits - Comparisons: il wrs, FlapJackerson WR time (external link)

By UakieUakie