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I've been trying to learn MWR on console, having never really speedrun before. I'm familiar with the skips and stuff in COD4, but the only mission which any of them seem to work for console, is All Ghillied Up.

Despite this being the only one with out of bounds skips, I can't quite do it right. The first shed skip is fine, I can get it 9 times out of 10, but I can't seem to be able to get myself on the middle container in the second skip. I know the old washing machine and mattress strat doesn't work on MWR. So I thought I'd do the middle container skip. Just always landing slightly too far to the right of the container.

There's the way of jumping over the hedge and running through the radiation, however, even following paths of video examples exactly, I just can't seem to survive these areas.

I tried my first full run last night and got 2:03:12, and I know I can save a lot more time, with All Ghillied Up being the annoying one. Just need to get better, but are there other strats that are useable on MWR?

(Also, is there a Discord?)

Australia All your questions can be answered here.

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