Possibility of changing time start judgement
1 year ago

Because of computer reasons, I think the current judgement is not very thoughtful for Mac users like me, who could only access Civ6 by Metal, which would make the game slower. Sometimes I'm already in the game by pressing "START" or "esc" but I needed to wait for 0.1-2 seconds to load the game before I can start speedrunning. The problem is that the waiting time also counts, which makes gaming and getting a decent score very, very hard. Can we change the judgement into: time starts when first button is pressed? Thanks a lot.

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British Columbia, Canada

I think that changing this rule would be a great idea. I know that the load when pressing the start button can be long for people with slower PCs (like myself). Other civ games like civ 5 go off of first input instead of the start button, and overall it just makes more sense overall to have it on first input. Although it would take a lot of effort to retime every run to first input instead of the start button. Hopefully mods and I can discuss this and maybe to change the rule.


Thanks a lot! Also, if retiming is very exhausting, why not just add a new judgement like any%, but with a different time start rule? That would be more efficient.

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