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Hey guys, I'm new around here but I just thought I'd throw my two cents out there. I think the categories and rules need a little bit of polish and here are my suggestions:

  1. Game creation needs to be shown in the video. Nothing is verifiable or reproducable if you start recording at the loading screen. (For sure we need to see game settings, including seed.)

  2. I think that, as a rule, speedruns should not be over in less than a second (Any% / Score) without a keypress. Similarly, there is no skill involved in metagaming a specific seed for a five second victory. The current records for Domination and Culture actually use the same exact start, with the same exact actions, they just result in different victories because of how the game was set up (unrecorded). I believe that if you make a rule that disallows first turn wins, I believe this would be fixed.

  3. I'd like to see a new category that requires you to play against a Diety AI - let's call it Deity Dash. I'm thinking requirements such as random civs for you and one (or more?) deity AI, pangaea, ancient start, quick speed, domination victory only. Something that would actually showcase Civ 6 as it's meant to be played, but in a speedrun fashion.

Thanks in advance!

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Good ideas, Glithen. My GF and I often joke about how silly the ms-timed runs are. I love your idea about diety dash - speedrun Civ the way it was meant to be played! :)

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I do agree with you on the runs that last less then a second they make no sense and its just lets see who can have the game end faster. the only runs i have watched are 2_snek's science run and some of the other science runs when i first started. non of the other categories are fun to watch cause they just kinda end. there's no real investment for a runner or watcher of the run. if the whole thing lasts less a second. this would change if it toke some skill to end the game that fast. like some crazy fast movements and inputs.

the deity dash thing i love the idea but i will probs avoid the category since i cant even beat the game on that difficulty. but it will add some much needed diversity to the runs so we can have more runs that last more then a second.

and for your first point. yes there should be a rule for showing the setup screen before hand or even just make it as a community rule (non official rule that every has agreed should be a thing).

these are just my opinions on the matter but I'm just a runner of the game and not a mod.

added note from me personally we need mods on here that check this leader board more often since some runs can take up to a month the get verified or even looked at. I've seen smaller games have more active mods. but that's just a personal issue i have

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Can't agree no more. We do need some standardized rules to play Civ 6 speedrun just like a normal game people would play. I mean, in runs less than a second, they didn't even play it.

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I agree as well, i think we need to include more actual game play based speed run categories. I'm in favour of incorporating a turn-based time weighted component as well, especially on deity.

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I'm a little late to the party, but I agree.