Too many things are wrong?
4 years ago

Hello, I recently discovered this game and I'm trying to get the WR. I can't help myself but notice way too many things wrong with this leaderboard. Here's the list :

1st : NES Games have to be played in 4:3, unstretched, as an official NES rule stated on this page : . Notice that it's specified in the "View Rules" section. Therefore, many submissions should not appear here, like the WR.

2nd : The WR wasn't retimed. I've uploaded the 1st section , comparing to my time, and realized the WR is AT LEAST wrong by 0.133, which would put him AT LEAST in 2nd place.

3rd : The timing method isn't effective. Considering that, on my side (left), I finish the level with 8510 points and in the meantime, the WR finishes with 8480, it's impossible that I'm not faster then him. After analysis, the loading time seems to be different. It might have something to do with the emulator itself or the game version, idk, but it's not working out well.

4th : It is unclear at which frame we have to start the timer. "When we press start" is very vague when even the WR doesn't have the controller's inputs on the screen. Therefore, I suggest "On first "1 PLAYER A" blink". On another matter, it should be on first actual game frame, all 5 separated from the loadings, considering my previous point.

Any thoughts? Review video :

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