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Submission Rules

  • All runs required video evidence.

  • Because of Streamable's policy on video storage/deletion, we will not be accepting Streamable submissions. The preferred video hosting platform is Youtube/Twitch/Bilibili, but anything that has competent playback works. Please make a highlight instead of submitting full VOD on Twitch.

  • In-Game Timer must be displayed and visible at all times. (Settings -> Gameplay -> Gameplay Counters).

  • Game audio must be audible in your submission, however you may disable dialog audio and/or music, just make sure the sound effects are audible in your video submission.

  • Runs performed on pirated copies are automatically invalidated.

  • You may not use any kind of Trainer, Cheat Table, or any sort of Macro/Turbo during runs.

  • Game cannot be modified in any way, including by third party software, with the exception of patches provided by the developer.

  • Binding keys through external programs is not allowed. You are only allowed to bind keys through in-game settings.

  • Modification of the game files is not allowed. This applies to any form of modification, such as texture swaps, model swaps, QoL changes, etc...

  • Intentional abuse of ALT-F4 is strictly banned. Should your game crash at any point, mark the timestamp in the description of your submission.In addition to no Intentional abuse of ALT-F4, closing the game mid-run to change DirectX versions is not allowed.

  • Intentionally lowering the in-game framerate, such as with the use of third-party software, is strictly prohibited. Changing the framerate via in-game settings, however, is perfectly acceptable.

Timing Information

  • Full-Game runs are timed in RTA without loads. PC users, please use the GR2 autosplitter: https://www.speedrun.com/Ghostrunner_2/guides/ozbg9
  • Individual Level are timed in RTA. Do not submit your In-Game Time.
  • PC runners, please use the GR2 ASL in your IL runs. If you do not have the ASL or a milliseconds timer visible in your run: your time will be rounded up to the nearest whole second. The same applies if the displayed timer starts and stops incorrectly.
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Do you have what it takes to save Dharma in record setting time? Complete the Ghostrunner 2 Any% launch challenge!
Start time
2023-10-26 15:00
End time
2023-11-09 22:59
2 weeks
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What is a Challenge?

Challenges are time-limited speedrunning competitions.

They function very similarly to regular leaderboards except run submission is only allowed within a set time frame.

Challenges may feature unique themes, rules, or objectives that differ from the regular categories. They provide an opportunity to explore different aspects of a game or to celebrate specific events, discoveries, or community milestones.

What is a Contest?

Contests are special challenges hosted by the team at Speedrun.com that may offer prize money and other benefits.