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Main Rules:


  • Full game recordings must start on selecting New Game
  • In-Game Timer must be displayed and visible at all times. (Settings -> Gameplay -> Gameplay Counters).
  • PC Runs are required to use the LiveSplit load remover available within Livesplit under Edit Game so long as the game name is set as Ghostrunner 2. You may download LiveSplit at http://livesplit.org/downloads/. Top console times will be manually retimed to remove loading screens.
  • Feel free to check out the LiveSplit tutorial by Meta to learn how to use it. You can watch the guide here, and download the splits files here
  • Game audio must be audible in your submission, however you may disable dialog audio and/or music, just make sure the sound effects are audible in your video submission.


  • Runs performed on pirated copies are automatically invalidated.
  • You may not use any kind of Trainer, Cheat Table, or any sort of Macro/Turbo during runs.
  • Game cannot be modified in any way, including by third party software, with the exception of patches provided by the developer.
  • Binding keys through external programs is not allowed. You are only allowed to bind keys through in-game settings.
  • Modification of the game files is not allowed. This applies to any form of modification, such as texture swaps, model swaps, QoL changes, etc...
  • Intentional abuse of ALT-F4 is strictly banned. Should your game crash at any point, mark the timestamp in the description of your submission.In addition to no Intentional abuse of ALT-F4, closing the game mid-run to change DirectX versions is not allowed.
  • Intentionally lowering the in-game framerate, such as with the use of third-party software, is strictly prohibited. Changing the framerate via in-game settings, however, is perfectly acceptable.
  • Moderators have the right to hold, or even reject, any run they deem contrary to the spirit of the rules, even if the grounds for such a rejection are not explicitly listed in these rules. For example, if a runner submits a run that contains a powerful, perhaps ‘boundary pushing’, trick that has not been shown to the wider community.

Category Rules:

  • Complete the game as fast as possible from a fresh save file
  • Start your run by clicking New Game on the main menu

All tech is currently allowed except for the following:

  • POG (Pause Overlay Glitch)
  • MOG (Menu Overlay Glitch)
  • Input Stacking methods that have a hardware advantage are banned, ie Wallboosting (Railboosting is allowed after significant testing)
  • Developer Commands/Hotkeys

Timing Information:

  • Timers starts upon gaining control in “Uninvited Guests”
  • Timer ends at the start of the final cutscene when leaving The Interface Council HQ.

Please post questions around contest and run rules in the Ghostrunner 2 $10,000 Speedrun Challenger forum post.

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Do you have what it takes to save Dharma in record setting time? Complete the Ghostrunner 2 Any% launch challenge!
Start time
2023-10-26 15:00
End time
2023-11-09 22:59
2 weeks
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