Additional Proof Requirements for High Placing Runs
Additional Proof Requirements for High Placing Runs
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In an effort to disambiguate and standardize our team's verification procedures, we have instated a session recording requirement for certain top placing submissions. We've frequently asked this of high level submissions in the past, but until now we had no official rule stating we would do so, and inconsistently enforced the procedure. Now, for the following runs to be verified, you must provide a session recording with unedited audio featuring audible, original game sounds:

  • Top 3 Any%
  • Top 3 1A, 2A, and 5B Clear
  • World Record in any full game/IL category on the main board
  • World Record for 202 Berries and Prologue on Category Extensions

We understand and apologize that this will add some overhead to submitting top level runs. However, we determined it a necessary step in maintaining the integrity of our leaderboards and wanted to be as up-front with the policy as we could be. As a team, we ensure that we will be patient during the process of obtaining additional proof for runs, and will work with you if any problems occur. In general, we encourage recording as many of your sessions or practice as possible in preparation for this, even if you feel like you’re “not quite at” the level of play where these rule changes matter. As a general note, if you have any suggestions for improving this process or even any frustrations, we’ll hear you out on them. Thanks!

For more information, read our FAQ:

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