is 30 fps acceptable?
1 year ago
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hi all,

i recently got into speedrunning celeste after not playing that much for about 3 years and would like to post my first time. my computer is a newly replaced windows surface pro so it's good, but not exactly optimized for gaming or anything.

i was checking the overall rules because, well, i don't want my first run of all things to be disqualified. along the way, i saw this: "The video must be of a reasonable enough viewing quality to see everything going on in the game." interesting. so, i'm aware that celeste runs at a max of 60 fps. however, despite two or so hours of working out OBS, i can only seem to record it at 30 fps. i was wondering if this was "reasonable enough viewing quality to see everything going on in the game."

in short, if it is reasonable enough, great! if not, it would be helpful if one of y'all were to help me out with configuring OBS to the least taxing settings while still being valid for recording the game.

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I also have a surface pro actually and I record at 360p 30fps and have had no problems. You'll be fine.

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30fps is perfectly fine for submitting, by "reasonable quality" its more or less so that A: we can see the core things needed to submit (timer, version, which is affected by resolution) B: It isn't freezing or unwatchable. Unwatchable would really mean something like 5fps, but it is an opinion. I would consider even something like 15fps to be watchable, but trying to stay at at least 30 is perfectly fine, as it really depends. As for OBS settings, there are probably a plethora of guides on youtube for that.

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if the frame that idk you go to another room or do hard tricks is unseeable or freezed it can easily be a cut video from someone else so it is suspicious.

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