what am I doing wrong?
2 months ago

I see this in the description: Mod Note: Removed RTA "Time". - BadelineBot

how can I show the milliseconds of real time?


From the rules for submitting a speedrun on the leaderboard EKHM: "When submitting your run, leave Time blank and only fill in In-game time. Make sure to also include the 3 decimal digits.".

In conclusion: We on this leaderboard only care about In-game time and sort the scores with that as the game makes it very easy to see the exact IGT so I guess if you fill in RTA they have some sort of bot in place to remove it and only leave your IGT


OK thank you

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With the recent discovery of a viable method to skip the cassette in the Core A-Side, we are announcing some changes to the 8A boards:

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