How to downpatch your game
6 years ago

Currently, the version of Cat Quest before the Mew Game update is the fastest. If you wish to try out that version or speedrun with us, follow these instructions. If you have no idea how you got here, buy Cat Quest on Steam, iOS, PS4, Android or Switch and play it.

  1. Open the Steam Console (choose the easiest for you):
  • open the Run window (win + R), type steam://open/console and press Enter.
  • create a shortcut to steam on the Desktop, right-click and go to Properties, add -console to the target, click Apply and Ok and open the shortcut.
  • run steam from a console with the -console option (ie: $ steam.exe -console).
  1. Paste the following command into the console and press Enter:
  • for PC: download_depot 593280 593281 7941355512749589113
  • for Mac: download_depot 593280 593282 5724481506853978624

The steam console will start downloading the patch, however it will give you no indication of progress so you will just have to wait it out. Once it is finished, the console will print out a line that says something along the following: Depot download complete : "\Steam\steamapps\content\app_593280\depot_593281" (579 files, manifest 7941355512749589113)

  1. Open the folder specified by the console and copy everything inside.
  • There should be a folder called Cat Quest_Data, an executable called Cat Quest.exe and a steam_api.dll.
  1. Navigate to your Cat Quest installation directory (\Steam\steamapps\common\Cat Quest) and:
  • if you want to keep the most recent update so you don't have to re-download it, make a new folder and dump all of contents inside.
  • if you don't want to keep the most recent update, delete everything inside.
  1. Paste the depot files into the installation directory.

  2. Exit Steam.

  3. Navigate to your steamapps folder (\Steam\steamapps), look for appmanifest_593280 and open it in a text editor:

  • look for StateFlags key and set its value to 4.
  • look for UpdateResult key and set its value to 0
  1. Save the file and re-open Steam. You've successfully downpatched your game!

To undo all of this, simply navigate to your steamapps folder (\Steam\steamapps), delete the appmanifest_593280 file and restart steam. As a disclaimer, I suggest you delete the game folder as well and let Steam download the game from scratch as it may screw with your achievement progress.

Let me know if anything if you have any questions, if anything needs to be changed or anything's not working for you.

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