Rules Changes, New Categories, and Board Clean Up
3 months ago
Ohio, USA

Hi Everyone!

First and foremost, if you want to stay up to date on Cat Quest speedrunning, we highly encourage you to join the discord. That’s where most of the discussions go on and if you want to be part of that, you need to be there.

Rule Changes:

The biggest rule change we’ve added was that there is now a Turbo subcategory for the game. A number of runners have indicated that the mashing makes multiple attempts difficult, so we wanted to have an option for those of us that don’t really like to mash. However, the old leaderboards without Turbo are still available for the purists out there.

This option is available for all of the different game modes.

New Categories:

We have also added Mew Game categories to the leaderboards. Right now, the only options are Furry Armored, Stronger Enemies, Naked Cat, and Level One. 9 Lives does not change the run, so you can use that option during runs if you’re trying to farm Old Master gear. We also don’t have combination modifiers, but we can change that if there’s interest.

Board Cleanup:

As part of the new rule change, I had to manually update all of the existing runs as No Turbo. As part of that process, I did not update any runs that no longer had video evidence available. If your run wasn’t added to the new board, make sure you still have the video available and we can update the run for you.

If you have any questions (or are hoping for faster verification), please use the discord. The SRC moderation panel is terrible for notifying moderators, so if you ping us on the discord, you’re more likely to get a faster response.



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“A number of runners have indicated that the mashing makes multiple attempts difficult“

Speedruning is not supposed to be easy imo

United States

Dhulkan, turbo is the difference between being able to get a 22:00 flat Ng+ run once before it is painful to continue to do so, and being able to do a similar quality run multiple times in a single sitting. Sure, I can get a sub 22 every 2 days or so to make sure I don't strain myself, but I don't play the game to mash text boxes as fast as I possibly can, I play it because I enjoy it and like the challenge that zips provide. And turbo let's me play the game and grind for a good time for multiple hours at a time.

Pennsylvania, USA

Even if speedrunning isn't supposed to be easy, it makes this game more accessible. Carpel Tunnel is a thing. If you don't like turbo just do like me and run no turbo.

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