Adding option to allow the use for turbo
3 months ago
Ohio, USA

Based on discussions in the discord, we are adding the ability to use turbo for this run. This is primarily being added to ease the pain of mashing text, as the mashing cadence required tended to limit the number of runs a runner could do comfortably.

Instead of blowing up the leaderboards with the first turbo runs added, we are going to put a 2 week moratorium on verifying runs that use turbo. After two weeks, moderators will start reviewing accepting turbo runs.

If you are using turbo, please make it clear in the submission and select the Turbo option. We'll know if you're using turbo. We're trying to make the game as accessible as possible and it's possible that turbo will trivialize or break the speedrun in ways we can't anticipate. Documenting whether turbo is used will help us split the board in the future if we decide to do so.

If you have any comments or feedback on the use of turbo in the run, please come to the discord to discuss it, as you're more likely to get a response from a moderator there.