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This was asked to me on YouTube, whether we should add different categories for PC vs Playstation versions (Vita/PS4 are identical as far as I know) for runs.

I don't know the standard procedures here, but it is NOT a direct port:

  • The major glitch allowing massive time saves on any% PC is not there. Bugs in general are different, I haven't done a lot of research on them yet, but it seems to be a ground-up remake.
  • 100% is inherently different, there is a new item and new boss
  • Low% is inherently different, Gears of Time is no longer an item (IIRC, it's a menu option tho? Been a couple years since I played)
  • There's a Cheat Shop in PS that more or less makes an NG+ category or cheats on category implicitly, you can have a MUCH easier time (unless we just ban this I guess?)
  • Many small changes throughout the game, particularly removing a couple troll bits, though most not as major as the above

IMO, at least for Any% Bunny and 100% Bunny, the Playstation release is a different game, not quite Master Quest vs OoT but kinda OoT 3D vs OoT 64. Thoughts/standards for this situation?

Edit: I guess the secondary question is at what point does it get a second game listing, though IMO it's not worth that, especially for a pretty obscure game like this. It'd just split up all the info for no gain.

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Now, I haven't actually played the PC version, but there are a couple of things I can add:

  • Areas that don't scroll horizontally on the PC have been stretched and slightly redesigned (20 tiles wide in the original, 30 on the PS4).
  • You can't skip the three pumpkin bosses in the Floating Jade Prison.
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