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Hi there, new moderator SirTapTap here! I'm new to speedrunning, but not to moderating a site nor to Bunny Must Die. First played in 2008!

I got approved as a mod (as one of the few current runners) and made some edits I believe made sense for the game (added a header, added ingame time since a timer is shown at least in PS4/Vita). If anyone else is still running we should probably debate ingame vs realtime at least for the new PS version.

Anyway, I figured I'd throw a thread on here since few seem to even know of the new Playstation Vita (and soon PS4) versions. They're currently JApanese only but PlatineDispositif's twitter made reference to a localization so it's probably coming west.

There's quite a few changes in BMD Playstation, but it's still an enhanced port at most not a different game altogether. I'm going to write a detailed analysis on my site but for now here's some basics:

Gears of the Past are no longer an item, but a menu option. Makes Low% a bit easier.

A new item replaces the gears which lets Dynamite Bunny (purple Suit) not have the jump/kick penalties. Unfortunately getting it probably adds a minute or two to 100%, it's rather out of the way.

There's a new "Chronus Shop" which basically lets you buy minor cheats for purple gems, including extra health, bunny dolls/elixirs, attack/defense up, slowly recharging health/time. Time save mostly because the attack up makes the sword a beast.

Sword is bugged and it seems Dynamite Body no longer doubles damage or changes color. Chronos Shop makes up for the damage (meaning normal bunny deals more than ever) and, oddly, changes the color to red like Dynamite Body.

Unless I'm doing it wrong, skipping the pumpkin bosses is no longer possible, leaving the gate kills you.

I don't know how/haven't tried, but it's likely the wrong warps no longer work.

Bad Ending bunny only fights 5 phases of Chelsea (phases 2 and 6 are skipped)

Lots of scenery edits to make the game a bit more accessible and properly 16:9, most of which don't matter for speedruns

The controls are just improved enough that I dislike running on PC now (run button instead of tap, 2 way cycle for chelsea's gear, turn while shooting)

PC/PS aren't on even ground for these reasons so I've set it so platforms don't obsolete runs, which I think is the proper way to do that?

If anyone has questions/things for me to test in the Vita release I can try and check it out.

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Hi, I don't yet play this game, but I follow it, and I noticed your post.

I'm replying partly because I don't understand what "platforms don't obsolete" means, in the first place. I think what you want to do is separate the platforms into different tabs, for each category.

From what I can tell, "platforms don't obsolete" means that one player could post with two different platforms, which would result in two different times being listed on the leaderboard, rather than the second run replacing the first run. That's what it means for a run to be obsoleted--to be replaced by a new time. My notifications say that you got the new world record for Chelsea Any% Warpless, but your time is still listed in 3rd place. This is because you technically have the PSVita WR, but you don't actually have the category's WR. If you separated platforms into tabs (instead of having "platforms don't obsolete" selected), then you would actually have the WR for that category, and on PSVita.

I would think that the number of differences you have listed do warrant adding tabs for the different platforms, which I think is the same conclusion you've come to. I think it's referred to as a "sub-category" when editing the board.

I'd personally keep the timing as real-time. There are situations where IGT is preferable, and I'm not entirely clear in the reasons, but RTA is usually more accurate. RTA can be adjusted on old runs, in the event of a rule change. RTA can be fully standardized, as it's known exactly when to start and stop, and it's visible on-screen for later evaluation. Another thing unique to some games is a visible IGT (during gameplay), so that would be more valid. The decision on whether to use IGT or RTA usually comes with an understanding of exactly how a game's IGT operates and what it counts toward the timer. As I said, RTA seems more accurate in more situations, at least for full-game runs or games that are longer than one short segment.

But again, I don't currently run this game, so my thoughts are based on what you've shared above, as well as a general idea of leaderboard tendencies.

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Welcome and grats on being a mod here. I haven't played the PS version of the game, nor intend to, but I still think RTA should be used for accuracy, as I believe you can restart the game at any point and basically bring back your IGT to a previous state, making it more of a segmented timer than a real time timer. With RTA, there's no debate on how long the run really took (counting deaths, restarts and all).

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The game does a pretty solid job at countering that, there's a load count marker on the save, saving adds 30 seconds so a warpless run would always be faster without it. Left real time the default though. I dont' have a super strong opinion on it but since the ingame timer's pretty decent (but not quite as good as say Axiom Verge's) maybei t was worth a go. Plus videos are required for verification anyway.

And the PS Version of the game's pretty fantastic, but I guess you can't play it if you don't have a PS4/Vita. Not sure they'll update/re-release for PC, hard to know with JP devs, Croixleur Sigma never did.

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