Autosplit mod
4 months ago
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Hi I just wanted to drop this mod that I made for fun. I didn't see that there already was a timing mod released just recently since I just remembered the old one was outdated! Anyway, here's the github link:

Let me know what you think.

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Thanks for updating the auto-splitter!

I'm unsure how useful it will be for world record contenders as we use a mod that uses pure in-game time whereas livesplit is RTA, so hardware differences and the pause bug play a huge role in making runs slower.

Livesplit is useful for ability timing as there's a running timer, so having the mod autosplit on rounds where an ability is needed could be very useful! We'll definitely investigate this.

However, the current timer mod does not require modloader. We have issues with modloader crashing our games mid run, so minecool made the current mod work without it. If you want you can reach out to her @Minecool and maybe collaborate!

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are you alowed to use this?

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sure, but you're better off using the timer in the resources tab for now