Unexplained time loss
4 years ago

but if there is an "accelerator" is that it remains a valid run this is the real question


Ok, I did some testing on my new computer and found that I could not get below 5:10, now hear me out when I say this. It could be possible that new updates are slowing down the game as there is a run on android on monkey meadow from a while ago that is 4:43, and its not unheard of for games to slow down over time.

Take this with pinch of salt as I could still very easily be completely wrong, also the razer just turns of bloatware on your computer and focuses processes towards the game, it did not change the time by that much.

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So what do we do?


Might have wait for update to make game run more like pre whenever the slowdown happened (assuming version 16 ) or try to compensation for lost/gained time if its possible to get a consistent time loss compared to old runs. If worse comes to worse

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May have to go back versions. Maybe the best time you can get is 4:40 on Monkey Meadow on version 1?


The old runs seem no longer possible in the new update but the thing thats interesting is that the time 1-80 dont seem changed. I contacted the support to ask about that problem but i didn´t got an answer yet.

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If can find an old version of the game that could hopefully fix the slowdown issue. The hard runs haven't seemed to as badly affected but I have no idea why.

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maybe there was just a nerf to ninja monkey making them slower for rounds 1-40?


They could of stealth nerfed it , but the patch notes has not mentioned the ninja since 1.13.


i am also getting max 5:20 with the same 1st place strategy

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Hey guys, I started to run the game again two weeks ago and I was really surprised that my times were much better than months ago. Before submitting I found this thread and I kinda investagated for the time variations. I'm running on PC. I'm a Darkest Dungeon runner and when running this game you can "unlock fps" by deactivating the V sync via the nvidia panel. So I tested Streambed Easy with and without v sync with the same build and here are my times : With vsync Without vsync lvl 10 : 1:09 lvl 10 : 1:01 lvl 20 : 2:39 lvl 20 : 2:21 lvl 30 : 3:32 lvl 30 : 3:08 lvl 40 : 5:24 lvl 40 : 4:47

the vsync run : the no vsync run :

Globally the timeloss gets bigger with longer runs. I tested cubism medium too and got 9:04 with vsync and 8:04 without.

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Hi again, I actually have 35 maps to submit. All of them have deactivated vsync like the "Streambed 4:47" just above. Are these runs legit and should I submit them?

If yes, I can make something like a word file to show how to deactivate vsync and share it, so all PC players should be competitive according to the leaderboard.

If no, no problem but from my humble experience and my few testings, there is no way to be competitive right now with the majority of actual posted runs and there is no point killing bloons anymore imo ^^.

Have a good day everyone!

PS : I just tested Monkey Meadow Easy, reached 4:44 with this method, and 5:21 with vsync.


The runs with v-sync off are fine to submit but if you can do the word file so others know about it.

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Ok thx for your answer. I'll do it tomorrow ^^


so, i turned off vsync and the came stills at 60 fps, so i cant beat any more runs??

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