3 and 4 player co-op Categories
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3 and 4 player co-op Categories
Charlotte, NC, USA

I think it would be a good idea if instead of just clumping all 2/3/4 player into "co-op", we instead make 2 player co op, 3 player co op, and 4 player co op categories.

The changes between these are very drastic and presents opportunity for new strategies to be used

United Kingdom

The problem is the leaderboard is very chaotic as it is because everything is IL speedruns. Also, due to lag coming from Ninja Kiwi's co-op servers, more players won't make it much faster in the long run and it will definitely be slower than solo

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United States

There isn't any real point in making them split categories, as to be honest the player count doesn't really affect that much tbh. Realistically the fastest way to do co-op anyways is to just play it yourself via an alt account. The leaderboards are already cluttered as they are because of all the ILs being single and co-op, and it would be much worse if we needed to add another 3 categories essentially. (the page barely loads as it is lol) Also, no one really runs co-op that much and there are still co-op categories without any runs

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