can we submit runs even if we havent unlocked all the upgrades with xp
5 months ago
Ind​ianapolis, IN, USA

im a BTD6 player that has had the game for a month and i barely use some towers like wizard, spike factory and engineer can i still have a run without maxed out towers

Durham, England

Yea my towers aren't maxed and I still speedrun

Ind​ianapolis, IN, USA


United States

Yes you can submit runs as long as they follow all the rules :) Doesn't matter if you're brand new or have a maxed account

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Essex, England

yea but in a couple of weeks of grinding you should have them all maxed

Durham, England

Yea but I can't be bothered to grind things like spike factory


yea of course you can speedrun i don't see why not.

United States

spike factory good tower