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PJ64 1.6 specifically. I noticed there isn't a rule about it on the leaderboard page. Was mostly wondering if all the glitches work on emulator though. Like, could I fully reproduce all the strategies from a 100% speedrun in PJ64?


I´m using PJ64 1.6 for practice at the moment and in my expierience it crashes alot more than N64, that might be the reason nobody is running on emu. I don´t think it´s banned and I´m pretty sure all glitches work exept if it crashes on some of them.


I recommend PJ64 if you can find it for best stability


If you try to submit a run, it says on the submissions page that emulators are banned.

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The main reason why emulators are banned is because the lag isn't well emulated, so you could, for example, beat very easily the N64 times by cutting minutes of lag only in the any% run.


Ah, I see... The rules should probably be updated to show this as well in that case. In any case, I'm still gonna play on emulator cause it's just more convenient for me. Glad to know the glitches still work in it!


If the game becomes big enough it should have a separate category.


So is it allowed or not? I entered this forum for answers. I'm not even sure if I can't use an emulator for this. If it is allowed, which version officially??
I want a separate category for emulator based versions of all speed run rule sets.
Some games on here like Ocarina of Time do allow some speed runs to have emulators on it. But here doesn't specifically say you can unless you submit a speed run like what @theballaam96 said.
If we cant use emulators, why not?


Emulators are not allowed


I know there are some categories in some games where emulation is allowed. Why not a category for this game, or any game really?


@GoodleShoes: the game's from 2000. i dont think, that it'll still grow nowadays...


Considering the fact that emulator runs are still on this leaderboard along with how Banjo-Kazooie allows emulator runs it seems like there's no reason to not allow emulator runs.


At least with BK the lag is not too important (the in-game time is about 8 minutes away from the real time, which shows how small the game is).
On the other hand, for BT it's about a 50 minute difference for the 100 % category, which is about a fifth of the run. So not having lag would make the real time VERY inccurate, and it does not help that the game may crash at any time for no reason.


Is there anyway to fix this lag problem because i have an n64 but i don't have Banjo-Tooie and i can't buy it and if i was having the game there would be another problem the game recorder that at least will be 20 dollars for a cheap one and i dont have the money.