Possibly new glitch?
2 years ago
Colorado, USA

Sorry if this isn't new. I was just watching a stream of Tooie and saw a glitch I had never seen before. Some quick searching didn't turn up anything. She was doing the quality control jiggy in Grunty Industries. When she hit the last barrel the jiggy landed on the side with the minjo.

VOD link:

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Illinois, USA
Any/All, He/Him
2 years ago

So yeah, I havent seen this yet, but in 100% and in No DCW/BC, it is not gonna be helpful cause we do a clockwork warp into the other side, so even if that happens it wouldnt be a big deal cause we can backflip and get the jiggy when falling down, cool glitch tho, definitely didnt know that can happen :)

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