Question about the Witchyworld bitclip
2 years ago
Languedoc-Roussillon, France

Hey guys, I was wondering where did you all get information about this glitch? I mean I see a lot of speedrunners doing it, so I obviously guess that they learned it somewhere?

When I search for "Banjo-Tooie Witchyworld Early", "Banjo-Tooie Witchyworld Early Entry/Entrance", "Banjo-Tooie Witchyworld Bitclip", or even just "Banjo-Tooie bitclip" I got almost nothing on Google or YouTube, even not an old post on an obscure forum or whatever

I only got two things:

  • First, this video ,that does not show the setup that speedrunners are doing in their runs
  • Second, Banjo-Kazooie bitclip results

And it's weird because I have no problem finding stuffs about others Banjo-Tooie glitches (like Glitter Gulch Mine Early thing), that's the first time I can't get any information about a glitch that speedrunners commonly use... And it's pretty frustrating because as I said that's so weird

St. Louis, MO, USA

there is a document listed in the resources channel of the community discord server that explains the setup:

there will be a more thorough guide out eventually, but it's not finished yet. also you're going to have better luck getting timely and accurate responses if you ask in the discord server, and the resources are much more accessible

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