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I noticed all the records are on the N64 version. Would it be possible for me to speed run the game on 360 or is there skips that won't work? Patches glitches? Unfair advantages? I'm mostly just curious why all the runs are on 64 only while the game has been re-released a few times. Thanks guys!


You can, however there are a few things to take into consideration. For one thing most text in the game is unskipable meaning you would lose quite a bit of time due to having to textboxes alone. the only advantage the Rare Replay version has as far as I know (and feel free to correct me on this) is that it doesn't have any of the lag that the N64 version has.

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Xbox is also similar to PAL in that there are a lot of glitches that are patched. Some clockwork warps are frame perfect or in some cases impossible, as well as a few other things like Pawno jiggy skip which is also patched on PAL/ Xbox I think. That being said, DCW still works on Xbox but you either have to use the gondola method or you simulate the reset on n64 by dashboarding to Xbox home. Xbox is a fun version to run but don't really expect to get WR with it, especially in 100% where it's probably the slowest.

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lol this didnt age well, turns out 100% xbox might actually be faster