DLC's Any%
5 years ago
North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany

Hi guys,

I have all DLCs but its a bit annyoing if u have to pick up all stuff at the beginning. I see alot runners dont have all 6 gear stuff in the room. So it sounds dumb but what dlcs do u use for the any% run?

Virginia, USA

Having the DLCs is actually beneficial. You don't have to pick up all of the gear, most runners will opt for fleet feet and sugar rush (sugar rush is extremely useful for the speed buff and stacks on HRH speed buff, fleet feet isn't as useful, but still helps during sections of the game with forced slow movement. For example during the last segment of the run it's faster to run backwards with fleet feet than to run forwards in some sections). You could also opt for handyman nemesis to speed up the handyman fight a bit instead of fleet feet if you prefer it, but I would personally recommend fleet feet. You do have to pick up all of the infusions, but it helps because if you do there's no need to get any other infusions for the rest of the game realistically and it's nice to have all the extra salts right at the start (remember to only put infusions into salts for the run).

North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany

Thanks mate. I just though it takes to much time to pick up all infusions at the beginning. Sugar rush is extremely funny with HRH :D i tried it yesterday was fun xD

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