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Falkland Islands

Hello all, I am trying to install the HRH mod. I am following the txt. file. I can not get it to work, game just crashes. Any advice?

Hello! It's much easier to discuss this in the discord HRH mod only works on downpatched Steam version of the game or on GOG version, you can find the downpatcher in the discord as well.

Falkland Islands

I do not have discord, that is why I asked here

Minnesota, USA

Here is the pinned message from the discord which has the downpatcher instructions, I hope this can help if you hadn't got it figured out otherwise:

  1. Download & Extract Depot Downloader:
  1. Download the attached batch file and move it inside the newly created DepotDownloader's folder.
  1. Run the batch file, enter your Steam credentials and it will start the downloads. It will take some time (~17GB for base game + 25GB?? for all DLCs), just wait for "Press any key to continue" to show.
  1. Done ! The downpatched game is in DepotDownloader\Bioshock Infinite\, you can move that folder wherever you want, add it as non steam game on Steam, or even launch it directly by executing Bioshock Infinite\Binaries\Win32\BioShockInfinite.exe

If you get dotnet missing errors, download and install dotnet6.0 Runtime here : (Console Apps x64) and run the batch script again.

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Falkland Islands

Jarko you lovely motherfucker thank you

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