Could All Armor RTA be a thing?
6 years ago
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So as I was playing BotW today, I had an idea I wanted to run by the speedrunning community. Could collecting all the in-game armor be a category worth adding? (amiibo's and Nintendo shirt excluded and likely excluding DLC armor depending on how that rolls out)

There's three ways I could see the rules working out:

All Armor RTA Just collect all armor, jewelry, and masks

All Armor RTA + Collect all armor, jewelry, and masks Level up armor with set bonuses to level 2 to activate said bonuses

All Armor RTA ++ Collect all armor, jewelry, and masks Level everything that can be leveled to level 4.

((For the record, I'm personally leaning toward the RTA+ option.))

Issues I'm aware of.

  1. Money - My initial estimate to complete this run needs 31,760 rupees and 5,593 Mon. The issue is that is if leveling armor gets involved, selling items for Rupees or Mon risks becoming conflicting. Even if leveling is left out, some of the items (the Jewelry and Radiant set) require gems to purchase in the first place. NOTE: the rupee estimate includes unlocking all four fairy fountains; if leveling armor is settled at less than max, rupee cost drop significantly.

  2. Time - I don't have an estimate yet on how long this would take because this is basically all Shrines + all dungeons + X number of Great Fairy Fountains + collecting a lot of junk¤¤ + tens of thousands rupees and mon + other costs I've not accounted for. The range on time is large, where the minimum is going to be... longer than nine hours.

¤¤at least it's less than 900 ;)

  1. Interest - I'll admit, I haven't committed to mapping out this run yet because I'm real new to the speedrunning community. If this really doesn't catch on or generate minimal interest, I'm not going to put effort into it.

Thoughts? Comments?

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You can route it if you want, but I doubt many people would even try it because of the massive grinding you'd have to do for the level 4 upgrades, especially for ancient armor tunic of the wild. If you want the basic armor, then its just rupee farming on top of all shrines and dungeons as far as I can tell. I don't see it being different enough from other runs to get its own category, and BotW has yet to get its own category extension page :p


I would honestly really be interested to see what the routing for a All Armor RTA will look like.

Leveling them up seem kind off silly to me tho, it will just add no interesting grinding time to the run.

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@MindWaves. I've been tinkering with the possibilities for a few weeks now, and so far I feel only requiring set bonuses for upgrades is sufficient because leveling doesn't become an arduous chore until things start going to level 3 or higher while also adding more to a run than running all Shrines with a rupee grind. Level 2 materials are not difficult to come by, and I personally feel most set bonuses add a reward for seeking them rather than only being check marks for completing the run.

The set bonuses also make for some funny moments like the fact that going against Thunderblight Ganon in the Rubber Armor and unshockable while not necessary, makes the fight even easier.

Thank you for showing interest. I've turned a request into the official thread.

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In case anyone ever wants to do a run based around armors, here's an armor upgrade tracker I made:

If you have multiple play-throughs you can use different profiles in the top left. If you change the filter to "Only 100% Speedrun" then a button will appear to reset the data on the current profile. If an actual run was done I'd be willing to add features to the tracker to better support it.

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